What happens after you graduate at the Design Academy in Eindhoven? Where will you go, what will you do? After graduating, Lonny and Nadine created a series of tableware in their Drawn from Clay project. They researched qualities that were available in the local environment, archiving and mapping out the Dutch Soil along the way. Six years later Atelier NL will examine the environment of the designer. What does the world of the graduated DAE-student look like? The media have a sharp eye for young, successful, independent designers. Lonny and Nadine encountered this when their clay project brought about a wave of publications. Several years later they wonder: what does it actually mean to have success? And what happened to the designers that did not appear in the media? With Curious Minds Atelier NL strives to map out the diverse work paths and perceptions of graduated designers. A series of portraits, in collaboration with photographer Mike Roelofs, shows how former DAE-students bring about their willful way of thinking, either inside or outside the world of design.