Earth to Table

— Dutch Design Week 2016

Atelier NL & Dutch Cuisine invite attendees of this year’s Dutch Design Week to a series of curated culinary events that bring the land to the table in a celebration of Dutch soil and identity. Dutch Cuisine top chefs Luc Kusters, Jef Schuur, and Peter Gast will create signature dishes especially for each meal event, inspiring a new appreciation for Dutch food, land, and culture. ‘Earth to Table’ will coincide with the release of Atelier NL’s new SandGlass collection - glassware created from local sands - and their first Clay Service edition produced in-house at the Earth Alchemy Factory.

‘Earth to Table’ events will feature foods grown by Dutch farmers and producers, prepared by top chefs, and served on handcrafted tableware made from local soils and sands. Dutch Cuisine diners may choose between an intimate ‘Soil Soirée’ privately hosted in Atelier NL’s Earth Alchemy Factory - or a more public communal ‘Tasting Dinner’ hosted in the factory hall of the (H)eerlijk Anders cooking school nearby. By connecting the public through meal events that give the soil identity, ‘Earth to Table’ unites every link in the food chain - starting with the earth itself and bringing Dutch Cuisine full circle to nourish the community.