Clay Service

— Kleiservice

Atelier NL’s Clay Service is a set of plates, bowls, and cups that showcases clay from different locations throughout the Netherlands. Born as a handmade table service during Atelier NL's Noordoostpolder residency, each piece’s color and structure speaks to the local land from which the clay was excavated by hand. The unique set first entered into formal production through cooperation with Royal Tichelaar Makkum, who produced sets from various areas of the country. Due to the recent closing of Makkum's homeware line, in-house production will soon begin at Atelier NL's Earth Alchemy factory. Makkum's proprietary recipes and production methods were transferred back to Atelier NL for preservation of the formal line. The Clay Service will soon be reintroduced via a new production methodology that merges public participation with process.

“Ik kende het eindexamenproject ‘Uit de klei getrokken’ waarin AtelierNL Nederland ziet als een afzettingsgebied van verschillende soorten rivier-, zee- en gletsjerklei”